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Online Community

Content production, design and daily oversight of an online community. Work included, but was not limited to: design, layout renovation, content production and review, community engagement and interaction, development of resources, social media planning, content seeding, and project planning. 


National Project

Communications strategy, handbook design and marketing resources for a national charity project. Work included, but was not limited to: resource design and development, handbook creation, case study writing, impact report writing, social media planning, infographic creation, and project management.

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Public Relations Plan

Compiled, proofread and finalised a public relations plan for a national charity, including necessary research, SWOT analysis, situation analysis, campaign and strategy development, social media analysis, budgeting, action tactics, and stakeholder analysis. 


Video Editing

Filmed and edited an ongoing exclusive webinar series for a non-profit organisation, as well as briefing assets and sourcing videographer support. Additional work included, but not limited to: creative briefs, webinar planning, recruitment of guests, promotional activities and directing of webinar filming. 

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