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PCO: ‘Frankenstein’ Resurrects Career from the Dead

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

With a dark intensity and maniacal insanity that only serves to heighten his supernatural aura, the Canadian Pierre Carl Oulette belongs in a Mary Shelley novel as much as he does professional wrestling.

In 2020, a 52 year-old PCO stands atop the Ring of Honor (ROH) mountain as the ROH World Champion. To say this former Quebecer has undergone a career renaissance is an understatement; PCO has been brought back from the dead.

A brooding, menacing big-man with superhuman strength and an affection for pain, the modern reincarnation of PCO is a far cry from his Mountie and pirate gimmicks of the 1990s, the latter of which saw the character of Jean-Pierre LaFitte have a series of great matches with a wrestling great in the form of with Bret Hart.

Arriving in Vince McMahon’s industry titan the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) in 1993, Pierre tagged with fellow countryman Jacques Rougeau as one half of The Quebecers. Capturing the WWF Tag Team Championships on three separate occasions, the heelish duo saw some success before Pierre turned on Jacques, culminating in a singles match in Montreal that doubled as Jacques retirement bout.

No longer part of a tandem, Pierre was repackaged as pirate Jean-Pierre LaFitte sporting an eyepatch to cover a legitimately blind right eye and billed as a descendant of real-life pirate Jean LaFitte. Despite some notably stellar performances, it is rumoured this run came to an end due to backstage politics with the infamous Kliq. By November 1995 Pierre was out of the company.

A nomadic five years followed with stints in World Championship Wrestling (WCW), All Japan Pro Wrestling and Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW), as well as short and largely unsuccessful returns to WWF and WCW respectively.

A few more unsuccessful stints followed – this time in Total Nonstop Action (TNA) – and an arduous journey round the independent circuit saw Pierre retire in 2011. Well, that is until he was reborn and physically brought back to life in 2018.

Under the maniacal hands of 'trainer' Destro, Pierre Carl Oulette was resurrected as the impervious to pain PCO - Perfect Creation One. Reminiscent of Dr Frankenstein's monster, the long forgotten Quebecer stepped back into the wrestling spotlight at Joey Janela's Spring Break, facing the`Austrian behemoth, WALTER.

Widely regarded by fans and critics alike as the match of 2018 Wrestlemania weekend, PCO fought like a man half his age and with eyes affixed on the imperious WALTER, PCO took chop after chop until his chest turned a frightening shade of black from the welts and bruising. After debuting in 1987, the now 50 year-old was back in the wrestling spotlight.

Complete with disturbing yet enthralling videos of his training regime, PCO became the talk of the wrestling world. After giving WALTER a lesson in abuse, fans stood up and took notice, praying their favourite promotions would do the same.

In the modern era, few wrestlers had succeeded by reverting to the superhuman, kayfabe characters of old. Yet, PCO felt real. With training videos that horror director Rob Zombie would be proud of, the dedication of the 'painless freak' was both enticing and terrifying to his audience.

A half dead, half human, pseudo Frankenstein with no regard for the punishment and abuse his body is taking. The clamour for his services became very real.

In December 2018, PCO's exclusive signing with independent wrestling's stalwart Ring of Honor was announced, and the psychotic madman debuted as part of Villain Enterprises alongside Brody King and leader Marty Scurll. Shortly after, the reborn, demented and deranged leviathan found himself draped in both the ROH Tag Team and 6 Man Tag Team Championship gold.

And as his career renaissance continued to progress, so to did PCO's brutal training regime. Complete with mad scientist trainer Destro, shrieking at the camera as he drools an ominous black liquid, PCO's affection for pain, torment and abuse continued to belie his age and humanity. As if Tag Team superiority was not enough, the maniac's desire to prove the fact he isn't human continued.

Resurrected, reborn, electrocuted, scarred, battered, bruised, PCO's journey belongs on a silver screen rather than the wrestling world, but we all know a silver screen blockbuster is not complete without the big ending.

Buoyed on by his demented trainer, and the awestruck wrestling fans, the inhuman monster continued his climb to the top of the Ring of Honor mountain - figuratively and literally.

Culminating at ROH's Final Battle Pay-Per-View, PCO conquered RUSH to hold the ROH World Championship aloft. The validation of a career renaissance that shows no signs of letting up, the lovable monstrosity remains on top at Ring of Honor.

As disturbing a tale as it is inspiring, PCO not only resurrected and rejuvenated the career of one Pierre Carl Oulette, but also lended a newfound credibility to the adage 'never say never'. The torture that this now 52 year-old man (if he can even be called a man) puts himself through inside and outside of the ring cannot be faked. With an undying motivation and dedication, PCO has re-birthed a career that was beyond dead. Whilst you will forever instil a sense of fear and unease in those that watch you, we thank you Pierre Carl Oulette. As inspirational a story as you will find in the wrestling business, perhaps this is one we will keep away from our children. PCO is not human.

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