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About Me

Communications professional and journalist with over 10 years experience residing in the South East. Iestyn holds a postgraduate degree from Birkbeck University in Journalism (MA) having completed his undergraduate degree in English and Contemporary Media (BA Hons) at Cardiff Metropolitan University. A former professional rugby league player, including international honours at student level for both Wales and Great Britain, Iestyn has extensive freelance experience in both sports journalism, and third-sector communications and PR. 

Resident Writer at Tales From Sport (Current)

Worked/Written for (but not limited to): 
- The Welsh Rugby Union 
- The South Wales Argus 
- The Rugby Paper
- The Guardian 
- Rugby League World 
- The Rugby Football League 
- Rugby Club Magazine
- Player Voice C.I.C
- Access Sport
- Ambitious About Autism

With a journalistic focus on Sport and Entertainment, Iestyn specialises in long feature pieces, but has experience in all aspects of journalism and is available for hire for anything ranging from one-off pieces to extended stints of writing. Additionally, Iestyn is available for hire for communications work, including press releases, whitepapers, social media content and communications plans. 



Rugby Club Magazine

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